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Covers Operator 1

Dyersville Iowa

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Number of openings:  3  on both 1st and 2nd shifts

Summary: A person in the position usually reports to an area supervisor, who reports to the Manufacturing ClearSpan Manager.  A Covers Operator 1 is an entry level position and will be responsible for measuring, cutting and/or moving material for fabrication according to design drawings or work orders. This person will be responsible for quality control and getting the items ready for shipment to the customer in a timely fashion.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  1. Set up all tools, appliances, machines, fixtures and materials needed to fabricate the assigned product.
  2. Review work order for instructions and/or special requirements.
  3. Measure, cut, and/or move materials into position for fabrication according to design drawings and work order instructions.
  4. Inspect all work done for overall quality and identify any errors.
  5. Ability to learn the heat sealing process.
  6. Correct any errors or rework as necessary.
  7. Prepare finished product for next transfer or shipment.
  8. Maintain a clean working environment.
  9. Adhere to all safety and OSHA regulations.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Able to lift up to 50 lbs

Knowledge of corporate production methods and safety procedures

Ability to read blueprints, work instructions and tape measure

Ability to use tools safely and effectively

Ability to handle production raw materials

Skilled in using tools and equipment

Skilled in following directions

Skilled in problem solving

Physical Requirements:

In addition to heavy lifting this job requires, variously, continuous standing, walking, sitting, light lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling, kneeling, crawling, climbing and squatting.

Environmental Conditions:

This job is required to be performed, variously, in hot, humid, dry, dusty and cold conditions both inside and outside.

Minimum Requirements:

Ability to read and follow instructions; ability to read blueprints, interpret drawings and  ability to read a tape measure.

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