Paint and Prep Workers

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Paint and Prep Workers

Number of openings:  1 on 1st shift and 1 on 2nd shift

Summary:  The person in this position reports to the Weld Shop Manager, and is responsible for cleaning and/or painting manufactured parts, loading and/or unloading the carousel as necessary, and other tasks as assigned.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  1. Move material from storage locations to/from cleaning or painting stations for cleaning or other production operations.
  2. Clean items according to specific part requirements. This includes removal of oil, grease welding impurities, slag, etc. to allow paint to adhere sufficiently.  Move completed items from the carousel line or paint booth to storage locations as necessary.
  3. Paint items according to specific part requirements. Move items to/from the paint location, then touchup if necessary.
  4. Perform other tasks as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Knowledge of general material handling practices and safety procedures

Ability to operate material handling equipment including forklifts, pallet jacks, banders, hoists, and lifting equipment

Ability to operate and clean a paint gun after use

Ability to operate hand tools such as grinders or sanders

Ability to lift 50 pounds

Ability to read and follow written and verbal instructions

Skill in cleaning, prepping, and painting techniques

Physical Requirements:

In addition to heavy lifting, this job requires, variously, continuous standing, walking, sitting, light lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling, kneeling, crawling, climbing, and squatting

Environmental Conditions:

This job is required to be performed, variously, in hot, humid, dry, dusty, and cold conditions both inside and outside.

Minimum Requirements:

Ability to read and interpret instructions, experience with material handling equipment and paint spraying equipment, communication skills appropriate for the job, and ability to follow instructions and work with minimal supervision

Training Needs:

Certification in forklift operation, and safety policies and procedures

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