The Delaware County real estate market continues to offer a variety of housing options for individuals and families. Whether you are interested in renting, purchasing, or building, Delaware County has what you need.

For those who prefer to rent, apartments are available in different complexes located throughout Delaware County. In addition, single-family houses, located in residential or rural neighborhoods, are available. Deposit fees and rent differ between apartment and single-family rental options.

Single-family houses currently for sale show list prices ranging from $50k to over $150k. The greatest number of listed houses traditionally has fallen within the $50k to $100k range. These residential dwellings vary in age, size and design and tend to be average to slightly above average in quality and construction.

Houses listed over $150k are usually above average to good quality, newer ranch-style homes constructed in developing subdivisions. In some instances, older, restored two-story homes are found in this price range.

For individuals and families who want to build their dream home, vacant lots can be purchased in subdivisions within or outside of the city limits. Depending on size and location, these lots are typically priced in the $15k to $18k ranges, with some lots exceeding $20k.

The availability of adequate and affordable housing is one more reason to checkout Delaware County. Add this to our great schools, hospital, medical clinics, parks and friendly people to make Delaware County an ideal place to live.