In 1852 George M. Earl came to what is now named Earlville. Earl, his wife and family settled near a heavily wooded area near a spring. Earlville was at one time known as Nottingham (after a stockholder in the railroad). The government later changed the name because of conflict with another community by that name.

Earlville is located just off US Highway 20 in the eastern section of Delaware County with a population of nearly 900. A community center is available for rental by contacting the City Clerk. Businesses include agricultural, auto, construction, financial and insurance services, health and beauty, manufacturing, plumbing-heating and electrical and real estate.

Recreation activities include social activities and athletic groups and a public swimming pool and a raceway southwest of Earlville.




19 Northern Avenue
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Phone: 563 923-3365


Dan Wheeler


Linda Gaul


Dale Smock
Shannon Richardson
Chad Deutmeyer
Ed Gibbs
Rick Hillebrand

Council Meetings:

Meetings are held in City Hall on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.


Jake Harris and Dan Roling


Electric: Earlville Municipal 563-923-3365
Gas: Black Hills Energy 1-800-772-1112
Local LP: 563-923-7415
Phone and Internet: Windstream