Greeley is located on State Highway 38, 13 miles northeast of Manchester. Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Waterloo are within a 65 mile radius of Greeley. Greeley was so named in 1863 by Samuel Lough in honor of Horace Greeley. The town’s claim to fame started with the Holbert Horse Importing Company, established in 1878. Holbert farms were renowned for horse selling and breeding in Europe, Canada and the US. The last man to work for Holbert farms was R. M. “Bob” Brady. Bob’s sons Walt and Don became famous in their own right as horse handlers and drivers for the world famous Budweiser Clydesdale Hitch. In 1987, Anheiser-Busch honored the Brady brothers by donating a life size replica of “Pete” one of the horses Walt and Don worked with. The memorial stature stands on Front Street (Highway 38) in Greeley.

Businesses in Greeley include: Community Savings Bank, Gary’s Feed Store and Eastern Iowa Milling.  Greeley is also home to the Greeley Community Church and Greeley United Methodist Church.

West Delaware

601 New Street Manchester, Iowa
Phone: (563) 927-3515


Greeley United Methodist Church

Greeley Community Church

Greeley City Park

located on S Front Street in Greeley

Fountain Springs Park

Delaware County Park located just north east of Greeley

Memorial Life Size Replica of Budweiser Clydesdale

Front Street Greeley





Dave Kruse

Council Members:

Terry Brady
Kim Goranson
Bobby Beohm
Mike Schmitz
Adam Kelley

City Clerk:

Marge Letts
Clerks Office Hours:
Friday 9:00-5:00 P.M.

City Hall:

PO Box 37
202 East 2nd Street
Greeley, Iowa 52057
Phone: 563-925-2988

Council Meetings:

Council Meetings are 2nd Tuesday of Month at 7:00 P.M.


Electric: Alliant Energy
Sewer: City of Greeley
Phone: Windstream

Iowa Rural Water:  1-800-400-6066