Hopkinton is located along Highway 38 between Monticello and Delhi. It is approximately 20 miles from Manchester, Dyersville and Anamosa.  40 miles from Dubuque and Cedar Rapids. Hopkinton has been the home of the Delaware County Historical Museum Complex and is centered around the former Lenox College. The beautiful campus and buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places in America. The centerpiece of the campus is the Civil War Monument, dedicated November 17, 1865.
We are fortunate to have our own elementary school; Johnston Elementary, which houses the first and second graders for the Maquoketa Valley School District. Seventh through 12th grade attend high school in Delhi at Maquoketa Valley High. The welfare of the community is overseen by an excellent fire, ambulance, medical office, library, parks and recreation (swimming pool, play grounds, ball diamond, and shelters), agricultural businesses, feed stores, Citizen’s State Bank,  auto repairs, auto body repair and paint shop, several gas/convenience stores, recycling business, bar/restaurants, carpenters, ceramics, beauty shops, and day care facilities. We are also fortunate to have our own local weekly newspaper, the Delaware County Leader.


Tuesday:  10:00-5:00 p.m.
Wednesday:   10:00-6:00 p.m.

Thursday:  10:00-5:00 p.m.
Friday:   9:00-Noon
Saturday:   9:00 – Noon


110 First Street S.E.
P.O. Box 220
Hopkinton, IA 52237-0220


Kim Ungs

Hopkinton Library

Maquoketa Valley

Hopkinton Elementary:
131 Culver Rd SW, Hopkinton, IA
Phone: (563)-926-2701


Hopkinton Community Church

107 Third St. N.W.
Hopkinton, IA 52237

St. Luke’s Catholic Church

206 First St. S.E.
Hopkinton, IA 52237


Father Paul Baldwin

Services Offered

  • police
  • fire
  • ambulance
  • medical office
  • library
  • parks and recreation
  • swimming pool
  • play grounds
  • ball diamond
  • shelters

Business District

  • agricultural businesses
  • feed stores
  • bank
  • auto repairs
  • auto body repair
  • paint shop
  • gas/convenience stores
  • bar/restaurants
  • carpenters
  • ceramics
  • beauty shops
  • day care facilities


Hopkinton City Government:

115 First St. SE P.O. Box 154
Hopkinton, IA 52237-0154
Phone: (563) 926-2181
Fax: (563) 926-2065
Hours: Mon-Fri 9a.m.-Noon & 1p.m.-4p.m.


Craig Lange

Council Members:

Kelly Bush
Nick Hunter
Julie Davis
Marcus Supple
Janet Buckner

City Clerk:

Sarah Helle
Phone: (563) 926-2181

Department Heads:

WWTP: Tyler Cole, (563) 926-2181

Streets and Publicworks: Tyler Cole, (563) 926-2181
Librarian: Kim Ungs, (563) 926-2514
Fire Chief: Greg Kemp, (563) 926-2403

Ambulance Director:  Julie Kemp, (563) 926-2181

Council Meetings:

The city council meetings are held in the City Council Chambers, 115 First Street S.E. at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of each month. The public is encouraged to attend all council meetings. The city council follows an agenda which is printed the Friday prior to the Monday council meeting. If a citizen would like to place an item on the agenda, please call city hall (563) 926-2181 for information. All agenda items should be submitted by the Thursday prior to the Monday council meeting. The mayor presides at the city council meetings.


A great asset to our community is our Hopkinton Municipal Utilities. They provide water and electricity to our city. They also have back-up generators to supply electricity to the city during power outages and also can sell electricity to other cities.

Garbage and sewer is provided by the City of Hopkinton. Windstream is the provider for our basic phone service. Long distance service is personal choice. Natural gas is provided by Black Hills Energy. The latest communications service offered to our community is the internet, provided by Comelec and Windstream.

Hopkinton Municipal Utilities:

111 First Street SE P.O. Box 129
Hopkinton, IA 52237-0129
Phone: (563)926-2480
Fax: (563)926-2065
E-mail: hopmuni@n-connect.net

Utility Board:

Chairman: Jim Guthrie
Vice-Chairman: Rick Lange
William Murray IV

Department Heads:

Utility Superintendent: Doug Melchert, (563) 926-2480
Utility Clerk: Jacqueline Davis, (563) 926-2480